Radisson Blu Resort Maldives’ First Coral Nursery

Radisson Blu Resort Maldives and the on-site Dive and Watersport Center, Ocean Group Maldives, have built the first coral reef as a means of rehabilitating active equipment aimed at conserving the coral ecosystem at the resort.

Located in the middle of the resort, just between the main restaurant and Crusoe’s Island, visitors can easily see the newly built ropes for swimming or diving in the area. Marine biologist Jessica Miller states: "We have embarked on a project to rehabilitate coral reefs to help rehabilitate some of the surrounding rocks, using natural and anthropogenic coral reefs, increasing the chances of survival of our species." In the future, guests will be accepted for using their own coral line and will be receiving updates on the voyage until we return it to sea.

“As a Marine Biologist, my job is to educate tourists, to study marine life, and to help preserve the amazing marine environment controlled by the Maldives. I'm starting to do a variety of marine education and conservation programs. ” Jess added. He has a weekly presentation where he touches on some of the amazing marine life we can find in the Maldives. All guests are invited to join this presentation accompanied by delicious cocktails and canapés.

This joint venture is one major step between the many activities that will be developed to engage visitors in appreciating and preserving the rich marine life of the Maldives. The resort will continue these efforts by creating a pamphlet and posters about the variety of fish and other marine animals that can be found in the surrounding area.