Love Is All Around At These Resorts In The Maldives

To mark the occasion of Valentine's Day, the four resorts from Marriott Bonvoy's portfolio in the Maldives have launched various programs on their various islands to broadcast and celebrate the day of love with their guests.

The Valentine's Day celebration kicked off at one o'clock at the JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa. The team welcomed all couples with roses for breakfast and special Valentine's Day treats. Couples can enjoy a cool afternoon massage at the Spa by JW and end the day with a romantic dinner with a unique set. Guests are invited to experience the romantic sacrifices with a six-course menu and an unforgettable night out on the beach together. The Little Griffins, children, also celebrated with love messages painted on the beach, and handmade art to celebrate this special day.

W Maldives celebrated Valentine's Day in style. Visitors booked IT’S A DATE! Pack, get a 60 minute two pairs massage at AWAY®️ Spa, a private three-course private dinner at W Coral Terrace, one suspended love bath and a bottle of Champagne or glazed non-alcoholic juice. Lovers also indulge in a food trip that offers four ways to eat, DINE AROUND THE ISLAND - a mysterious love affair around the island that started in a fiery FIRE, bites at SIP, a great lesson at FISH and ended in a dining room. sweet surprise; XOXO provided a romantic dinner by the beach or W Coral Terrace; CRUISIN ’IN LOVE, a spectacular escape on the ship ESCAPE; and CASAWAY VALENTINE BLISS, a combination of luxury and romance on the island of Gaathafushi.

The Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa kicked off on Valentine’s Day with a floating breakfast selected in paradise with an American, Continental or Maldivian breakfast, a top bottle of champagne and a rose. At dusk, their magical Sea Salt restaurant offered a special 7-course dinner menu with a bottle of sugar and a rose star under the stars, in a specially decorated area dedicated to the couple on the island.

A seven-course Japanese dinner paired with a win-win wine at a signed restaurant, The Pearl, to an exclusive under-star dinner with top-notch service and champagne - couples can choose to indulge. this is a special day and create unforgettable memories.

The lure of the sea appeals to both of you. You know that's why you came to the Maldives. Photos you've seen and postcards can't do that right. Green water is incredibly beautiful. Put on your swimwear and jump in, swim, swim and swim. The water is so refreshing, you can't believe it. A child's sense of humor and playfulness grips him.

Put on your snorkel gear and explore the amazing world below. Parrotfish, clownfish, surgeonfish, and Moorish Idol are some of the beauties you will see below. You may encounter a blacktip reef shark if you are lucky. Such good experiences shared are something you will both cherish for many years to come.

Not tired underwater yet? Why don't you and your significant other not have a nice lunch at the underwater restaurant? You can still see the fish running. Lunch and drink under clear water. That is a level of luxury that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Sprinkle with oysters and drink the oldest wine as rays and tortoises swim around you. Intimate, romantic, and something to keep in the memory banks forever, don't you think? The Maldives is about peace. Sit on the beach and watch the beautiful natural performance, sunset in the tropics. Watch as a life-giving star sinks slowly into a sea of teal. Watch as it illuminates the path through the Indian Ocean. Look at the red clouds that form gradients over the colors you never imagined in the big sky. The day is drawing to a close. You can see it, feel it, and feel it in the Maldives. Koel who called in the morning again. The sun is setting, and the first stars of night begin to shine.

If you and your partner are very fond of fun and self-sacrifice, why not take a jetski and slow down the waves, or skip the harbor at high speed on the wakeboard to get that adrenaline rush to feel refreshed and featured. Want more? How about surfing kitesurfing or roaming the rocky terrain in catamaran. Tie yourself to the parasail with your SO and fly high in the sky. You can add visuals of scattered islands to your treasure trove of Maldivian memories.