Inspire Your Instagram Followers with these Must-Have Shots from the Maldives

In the Maldives, we are blessed with pictures of palm fronds, white sand beaches, and sky-high sculptures at any time of the day. There is a golden sunrise, an afternoon full of clear skies, a sunset of cotton candy and a night sky adorned with billions of stars. All in all, a real heaven for those who want to take pictures of 'gram. Here is a list of what you should take digital reminders for your holiday in the Maldives, to add to your Instagram feed.

1. Window aerials

When your plane lands at Maldives airport, be sure to look out the window. The view is amazing and you should add it to your instagram feed. There is also the opportunity to get a picture of the window during your transfer to a resort or island by sea.

2. Cycling at the airport

There is no such thing as a holiday in the Maldives as your photo is on a plane, wearing a sundress or a really noisy shirt, a big hat and sunglasses. It could be a large jetty to the island or a jetty that connects villas above water. Go ahead, take a picture and send it already!

3. Hammock

Now, I'm sure you've seen this appear in your feed. And, believe me, it would be a crime not to take this picture of you here. Look at these beautiful pictures, you no longer need to be convinced! Do not forget your solar screen.

4. Floating breakfast

Not every day you find breakfast served to you on a floating tray, lake, overlooking the horizon where the sky meets the sea in many blue colors to count. Click to surprise your fans!

5. Bioluminescence

Count yourself as lucky if you find this. This magical ocean show of the season features a curious and completely harmless algae called phytoplankton, which covers the Maldivian beaches like the starry sky. When you experience this magical phenomenon, taking and sending pictures is natural!