Angsana Velavaru Relaunches Funa Restaurant With World Class Pan Asian Cuisine

Funa Restaurant, one of the two waterfront restaurants in Angsana Velavaru, reopened its doors in late 2021 with an enhanced menu inspired by Asian Roots. Angsana Velavaru's great chef Prasong Thaochan has created a menu that incorporates old dishes with modern twist, short but full of flavor that will take guests on a trip to Asia. Old Thai street food, Vietnamese, and Indonesian will remind you of busy night markets, quiet rice fields, and root canals. At the same time, the selection of Japanese and Korean Rice Bowl will bring one to the reverend street full of cherry blossoms and historic sites and temples.

Angsana Velavaru's All Inclusive Meal Plans offer guests a choice that suits their preferences. And among the five different food programs, STYLE and MAX programs offer special access to Funa Restaurant, which opens from 11am to 10pm, offers drinks throughout the day and a delicious lunch and dinner. In addition, a wide selection of wines is available to suit signature dishes and enhance the culinary experience.

The capacity of the restaurant is limited to a maximum of sixteen people at a time, which makes it an ideal place for a romantic dinner for couples, given the solitude and calm atmosphere. But it can also host close-knit events for small corporate groups or a group of family or friends who have pre-bookings. Sitting on the harbor, it can enjoy spectacular views of the blue waters during the day, spectacular sunsets and starry nights, and the brand new menu of World Class Pan Asian, the Funa restaurant makes for a memorable dinner.