All Things Maldives For Your First Trip!

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Talisman Fluoro Beach Towel by Wear Toddy, Shifaaz shamoon, Rayyu Maldives, After Sun Gel by Mula Maldives, Shifaaz Shamoon, Saffu, Fuschia coral print halter neck dress by Raidha's Maldives, Ishan, Sidhra Ibrahim Planning your first trip to the Maldives? If so, you are in the right place! From Visa requirements and travel guides, to booking your stay and contacts, this is your guide to standing on all the Maldives!

Visa & covid guidelines

First things first, Visa! We only have good news for tourists planning to come to the Maldives. Upon arrival VISA is available to all visitors from any country in the world. Next stop, post-covid requirements. Currently, all visitors must submit a non-covid-19 PCR test upon arrival in the Maldives. The test should be done 96 hours (mostly) before the scheduled time from the first port of your trip to the Maldives.

Of course, before embarking on your dream vacation, you should decide where you will stay! We offer budgets for luxury accommodations from luxury resorts, hotels and guesthouses, to the grueling boat trips. There are hundreds of resorts, each developed on its own uninhabited islands under our unique concept of 'one island, one resort' - a picture of nature. We also offer many hotels and guesthouses in residential cities and islands for a holiday that has more flavor and flexibility. Resorts offer the best of privacy and comfort: seating on the beach or in the waterfalls, delicious recipes and horizons that leave jaws to lose. Boutique hotels in cities allow you to experience the luxury of the Maldives without going over your budget, with many exciting activities. Why not combine business with casual entertainment? Guest houses give you the opportunity to stay with the locals and enjoy the Maldivian culture and traditions. Taste local delicacies, dance to the ancient rhythms, and go on a thrilling night fishing trip with professional fishermen. What if you do not want to stay in one place for too long? We also offer the most exciting and hidden option to stay in the middle of the ocean on one of our many live boards.

Getting to the Maldives is easy. There are many luxury flight and budget options, both planned and rented. This includes the world's leading airlines, such as Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways and many more. Many airlines operate at our main gateway, Velana International Airport (VIA), and direct flights are available at important airports around the world. Check with your preferred airline for the best deals. Okay, so that covers you when you get to the Maldives, but like any island nation you might wonder, how do I get to my resort or hotel? By the time you arrive in the Maldives, the place you have chosen earlier will already be arranged for someone to receive you at the airport and accompany you on the final leg of the trip. You have two options: board a fun cruise boat where you can fully enjoy the salty air of the Maldivian fresh air, or a cruise over the Maldivian sea, the best view of the Maldivian island valleys, scattered like jewels. across the Indian Ocean. Depending on where you go, you may also receive a cross-country certificate. How cool is that?