5 Ways To Get Your Thrill On In The Maldives

1: Flyboarding

Let's be real. You probably wondered what it was like to fly high in the sky. Maybe with a jetpack, it's so bad it's hard to get to. Let's get into the little secret? Fly to the Maldives. We are launching Flyboarding, an advanced game taken to a new location. Flyboarding takes you out of the air as you sail on clear waves. The flyboard itself is attached to the user's feet, and is connected to the jet ski by a pipe. The powerful force of the jet ski drains the water through the pipe, which is released under high pressure under the flyboard. A flyboarder can reach 10m above the water, and carry everything (no matter how much power is gained, that goes to a certified jet ski trainer). Flyboarding is an amazingly unique experience that offers a fun chase unlike any other. So what are you waiting for? check out your chosen area if they can give you this great adrenaline rush.

2: Night Fishing

Overnight fishing in the Maldives is a one-off event. Joy fills the heart of all Maldives with the hope of a night fishing trip, and with good reason. For generations, people in Maldivi have fished for fish using a pole and a line or ropes. . These very stable fishing methods as they are caught individually reduce the impact on fish stocks as it is rare to catch other species by mistake by mistake. Night fishing is done using hand nets. Hiking travelers who embark on a night fishing trip can expect great fun, laughter, and challenges. It is a matter of humility to cast your hook into the sea, hold your hand phone, beware of bites and pull fish when you know there is one at the end of the line. A friendly competition emerges as the fishermen compete with each other for big draws. After all, don't you want to be the only one who can be caught? Sometimes the resorts offer drinks in the house to the first fisherman or the fisherman. One should not worry about such a matter in the Maldives. With the abundance of fish, you are sure to catch some fish. It is common to make a BBQ fish on board and end the night with a sense of community joy, beauty, and excitement.

3: Exploring Shipwrecks & Other Sunken Treasures

The Maldives is an ideal place to dive deep and explore shipwrecks, underwater caves, and other underwater channels. Swimming in these amazing places is fun in itself. Shipwrecks and other events are evidence of the way in which the marine environment adapts and absorbs these fossil remains, one will be amazed at the intricate ecosystem formed around these fossils. So tune in, and explore the marine environment that attracts marine creatures from shrimp to various species of sharks as well. Diving near a shark in a dense dunghill collected in a wide web? Now that is a joy.

4: Skydiving

What do you get when you add a bit of fun, a spoon full of fun, a good dose of adrenaline and a bird's view of the amazing Maldives islands? You get skydiving. Put on your jumpsuit, tie your glasses and literally jump into one of the adrenaline-filled moments of your entire life. Can you handle the joy of falling 12,000 ft over water at a speed of 200 km / hr? Whether you are a licensed blue dancer with a few thousand dives under your belt or someone who is curious for the first time, Maldives offers you this exciting experience for all. So keep an eye out for resorts that offer skydiving experience.

5: Surfing

A light experience on every other level is to filter the beautiful crystal waves of the Maldives. With a variety of clean, shiny materials, the Maldives offer a wide variety of waves from crashing to crashing waves. Divers will tell you that nothing is as addictive as surfing, and you will understand why as you face the high waves of the Maldives. Peak season (April to October) is a popular time among divers visiting the Maldives. And if you can stay in one place, and look for the best waves throughout the Maldives, why not stay on board and take a lifelong cruise. There are live Maldives liveboards for visiting the best waves throughout the year.