Qiddiya is a new city, born from Vision 2030, set to become the Kingdom’s capital of Entertainment, Sports and the Arts. Qiddiya aims to repatriate the billions of dollars spent outside the Kingdom on leisure and entertainment. Family-friendly theme parks, sports arenas suitable for international competitions, sports and arts training facilities, musical performances and entertainment venues, racetracks for motor racing aficionados, outdoor and exploration activities, along with nature and ecosystems experiences, are just a few of the cool attractions are been established. Qiddiya will also offer a choice of residential alternatives as well as community services.

Qiddiya Project

Qiddiya, a Public Investment Fund project, is set to become the capital of Entertainment, Sports and Arts. It will be a disruptive destination that offers innovative, immersive, and unparalleled experiences, all integrated on a scale never been seen before.

About Qiddiya

Qiddiya project is a tourism megaproject that started at the beginning of 2019. Qiddiya will offer five cornerstones: Sports & Wellness, Nature & Environment, Parks & Attractions, Motion & Mobility and Arts & Culture, making the Qiddiya project the heart of Entertainment, Sports and the Arts worldwide.